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Welcome to this course in Pharmaceutical Protein Drug development

The aim of this course is to further your understandings of pre-clinical (non-clinical) and clinical biological drug development. Over the course of five weeks, you will develop your understandings of what is needed to take a candidate protein target and develop it into a safe, ethical and functional biological therapeutic that can be used in humans. You will be provided with the unique opportunity to re-visit a biological drug candidate you have designed in the course Biological Drugs and design pre-clinical experiments that will lead to possible phase I clinical trials. Through the use of lectures, theoretical labs and case studies, the teachers and course supervisors will be on hand to guide you on your journey into the field of pharmaceutical protein drug development.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the course will be entirely online.

Next session and associated zoom links:
Tuesday 28 September: Self-Study - preparation for the end of course exam.

Course start: 2021-08-30. The course will start with mandatory roll call and information. 

Registration: Web registration 2021-08-23--2021-08-30

Exam: 2021-09-29

Re-Exam: January 2022

Course registration: All students can register for the course via the webb: https://www.student.ladok.se/student/loggain 

Course Information:

Contact information:
This course is run by Jamie Morrison and Greta Hultqvist. Questions regarding the course should preferably be sent to Jamie (jamie.morrison@farmbio.uu.se).

Questions regarding registration, leave of absence for roll call, what to do if you need to leave the course etc should be sent to the study administration:(Marie Ringmar and Britta Wallsten). 
E-post: kursadm@farmbio.uu.se

Please visit the following link if you require information about re-registering for the course: https://doit.medfarm.uu.se/bin/kurt3/kurt/23573



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