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Welcome to the course!

The course starts on August 30 and ends on January 16. The course is web-based and given in English. Examination is done through five literature assignments and one essay.

To join the course, register through Ladok. The course registration will be open from the 23th of august until 6th of September. Please register within this  time. If you do not register on time, you may lose your place on the course.

Application for re-registration to the course is done by submitting this web form. Submit the application before the course starts.

  • Schedule: TimeEdit is not used for this course. Before registration you can download a PDF-file of the Schedule here. After registration you will find the Schedule under the module Course information. Please consult the schedule and note important deadlines. You will also see deadlines of the assignments and essay in the Course summary at the bottom of this page.


  • Course literature: Drugs of Natural Origin –A Treatise of Pharmacognosy, 7th edition by Gunnar Samulelsson & Lars Bohlin. Apotekarsocieteten. ISBN: 9789198094251. You may order the book online via the Swedish Phamaceutical Society (Apotekarsocieteten) or as an e-book through diPublish.

    The 6th  edition may also be used, but in this case complementary scientific articles may have to be used in order to fully answer the seminar questions. It will be the responsibility of the student choosing to use the 6th edition to find complementary material.


  • After registration to the course you will find contents of the course with the different assignments and the course material under Modules/Moduler (left hand menu).


  • Under Konto/Account at the top far left, you can change the settings of your course pages, such as language etc.


  • Under Help/Hjälp at the bottom to the far left, you will find  student guides to Studium.


  • The course evaluation will be available under the course evaluation image link below.



  • For questions about the course, please contact director of studies Christina Wedén: christina.weden@farmbio.uu.se Although the course is given in English, e-mails to Christina may be written in Swedish if you prefer.


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