Course syllabus

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Dear Students,

We welcome to our course in this health-economic course.

In this particular course, we will specifically teach you the theories behind- and the methods for evaluation health interventions or –programs. As a matter of fact, you will apply the theories and methods yourselves in the several seminars we have. Thereby, you will gain a deeper understanding of the theories and methods used as well as the considerations made in evaluating interventions from a health-economic perspective.

We also want you to understand how health-economy is used in the real world. For that reason, we have invited representatives from the different authorities and companies to convey how they use health-economy in their business. Some meeting will be recorded in advance, others will be over Zoom. Irrespective of which, don’t miss them! They sum up the course nicely, and in addition, help you to complete the compulsory assignments.

We look forward to meet with you on-line!

Sophie Langenskiöld

Course leader

Additional Course Information:

Course Planning:

We want you to immediately receive some understanding of the big picture of the course. For that reason, we begin with a crash course in health-economic evaluations. Thereafter, the course is dividing in three parts. One part which allow you to learn and apply the theory and methods behind health-economic evaluations (Lectures and Seminars 1-6); another part, which allow you to learn and apply the appraisal of health-economic evaluations (Lecture and Seminar 7); and finally, one last part, which introduce you to decision makers who use health-economic evaluations as part of their job. On the first two parts, you will be examined. You will need to send in your health-economic evaluations for review, and you will need to appraise three published studies, and send in your appraisal for review. However, the last part help you to do the task. So attending the last part is critical for a succeeding to fulfill the examination of the first two parts. 


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