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Welcome to the course in Clinical PKPD!

Course starts: 2021-12-01 at 9:15 in Zoom (Please note the change! 1-3 December will be in Zoom)

Preliminary schedule

Note that all workshops are compulsory !!! (as well as some lectures)

Course leader: Lena Friberg, Department of Pharmacy (

Course administrators: Anne-Britt Stigsdotter, Department of Pharmacy (

Register to the course in Ladok (Länkar till en externa sida.). Registration will be open Nov 25 - Dec 1.

Please note that you will use Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your computer during the course. 


Application to re-register - Should be done before the course starts, through the linked web document.

This course is part of:

Apotekarprogrammet FAO2Y
Receptarieprogrammet FRE1Y
Master's Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling FPM2M
Master's Programme in Drug Discovery and Development FLU2M



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