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Welcome to this course in Biological Drugs

Our mission with this course is to introduce you the field of biologics and to also guide you in how you develop a protein-based drug. We will provide you with lectures that focus on development aspects of the drug as well as challenges with both the development phase and the drugability of the molecule. We also aim to give you lectures that provide you with the current clinical use of antibody-based drugs. To guide you in your learning around protein-based drug development we will have a theoretic lab throughout the course.

The course will run primarily on campus although some lectures might be via zoom. If so, we will inform you well ahead. 

Course start: 2021-09-30 9:15 Information. 

You register on the course via web registration in Ladok and it is open 2021-09-23--09-30

First days

The first few days, the two courses 3FB025 and 3FB028 are run separately, due to your different backgrounds and slightly different learning outcomes. After these days, the two courses are run together as one. 

3FB025 (Pharmacy students and freestanding)

210930 10:30-12:00 Introduction to Bioinformatics

211001 9:15-10:00 Intro Bioinformatics seminar part 1 via zoom (ID: 681 4704 5925)

              14:15-16:00 Presentation Bioinformatics seminar part 1 via zoom ID: (681 4704 5925)

211004 9:15-12 Introduction Bioinformatics seminar 2 in C4:305

211004 14:15-16:00 Presentation Bioinformatics seminar 2 in C2:305

211005 Self study Novel vaccine strategies. You can find the material here

211005 13:00-14:15 Seminar on novel vaccine strategies C8:305

3FB028 (Master in Drug Discovery and freestanding)

210930 13:15-15:00 Introduction to Biological drugs  in B7 111a

211001 9:15-10:00 Introduction Immunology seminar in A7:103

211004 13:15-15:00 Presentation Immunology seminar in A7:111

2101004-05 Self study Vaccines

211005 11:15-12 Seminar on vaccines in A7:111


Course information:

  • Welcome letter Welcome letter ht21.pdf 
  • Link to schedule in TimeEdit
    Preliminary schedule as PDF
  • Link to syllabus for 3FB025 and 3FB028
  • Lecture material such as slides will be uploaded to the module Lecture info and material
  • The material for the theoretical lab can be found in the corresponding module here.
  • Recommended litterature: Protein Therapeutics by Tristan Vaughan, Jane Osbourn and Bahija Jallal. It is available as a one-day loan at the UU library and as an online book.
  • Exam: 2021-10-29
  • Re-exam: TBA

Contact infomation:
This course is run by Greta Hultqvist, Sara Mangsbo and Sofia Stenler. Questions regarding the course should preferably be sent to Sofia.

E-mail:  sofia.stenler@farmbio.uu.se
(greta.hultqvist@farmbio.uu.se, sara.mangsbo@farmbio.uu.se)

Questions regarding registration, leave of absence for roll call, what to do if you need to leave the course etc should be sent to the study administration

(Marie Ringmar and Britta Wallsten). 
E-post: kursadm@farmbio.uu.se

Ansökan om omregistrering - Ska göras via länkat webformulär innan kursstart. Omregistrering sker i turordning och i mån av plats.


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