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On this page you'll find general information regarding the entire course of 30 credits. Under each heading you'll find information about the different course modules. 
Course syllabus for 3BO008, click here.

Course set-up: 

Implementation Methods and Design - January 17 - March 27

Governance for Sustainability -
March 25 - June 5  


Implementation Methods and Design

Governance for Sustainability 

obs! The course schedule updated as of March 21

Other course information: 

  • Please self-register for the course via Ladok (registration is open Dec 13-Jan 14). Please note: if you're an international student or experiencing difficulties registering via Ladok - contact the course administrator Anna Schönborg to register. Send an email including your full name and birth day (year-month-day) to, no later than January 3. Subject line: Registration Implementation Science and Sustainable Development II. Please note that even if you're registered it is mandatory to attend the introduction/roll call.  
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