Course syllabus

Welcome to the course Environmental Ethnography (7,5 ECTS)! 


This course is coordinated by Susann Baez Ullberg. Contact her if you have questions about the course and the teaching. 


The course starts with an introductory lecture on Monday October 31 at 13:15-15:00 in the lecture hall 6-0022 (Campus Engelska parken). The classes are held once a week mainly on Monday afternoons and on Campus Engelska parken in Uppsala, but a few classes will be held also on Zoom. The exact schedule and the Zoom link will be published here when the fall semester starts. The course ends on January 13, 2023. 


The course aims to present ethnographic perspectives on human-non-human relations. After completing the course, you are expected to be able to account for central themes in environmental ethnographic studies; to critically reason about the nature-culture entanglements; to explore environmental knowledge through ethnographic methods, to reflect on ethical and epistemological implications of environmental ethnographic studies and identify the contributions of such a perspective for a sustainable future.


We expect you to read the assigned book chapters and articles before you come to class, and to participate actively in each class. Attendance is mandatory. 


We use the book Environmental Anthropology: From Pigs to Policies (2018 Third Edition) by Patricia Townsend. You can buy this book through Amazon, or you can look for it at any of the second hand student book shops. In addition, articles and reports will be provided by the teachers during the course.


You will encounter engaged and knowledgeable teachers, who prepare each class carefully to meet your expectations. Your teachers are Susann Baez Ullberg, Vladislava Vladimirova and Camilla Asplund Ingemark.


We look forward to meet you in the fall! Welcome!