Tillämpad läkemedelsanalys 3FK228 85005 VT2022

Tillämpad läkemedelsanalys 3FK228 85005 VT2022

Course start page

Welcome to the course!


Please note that before the start, you have to register for the course online! Students that wish to participate must register by themselves within the registration period 2022-01-10 - 2022-01-17 in order to not risk losing their place on the course.

Webb registration is necessary and can be done via Ladok https://www.student.ladok.se/student/loggain (Links to an external site.).


The introduction lecture will be held over Zoom (https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/63330604555) on the 17th of January at 10.15-12.00 (handouts: Course introduction.pdf). This will be followed by two lectures (same Zoom link) between 13.15-15.00 by Mikael Hedeland (AnalytiskFarmaceutiskKemi.pdf) and Anders Karlsson (AndersKarlsson.pdf)


Spring Semester 2022

We are still in an pandemic which means that the course will be adapted in some aspects in order to ensure less risks of Covid infections.

Lectures and Seminars will be given online through Zoom at the same date and time as presented in the TimeEdit schedule. The seminars have mandatory presence required in order to pass the course.

Laborations: the mandatory tutor meetings (20/1 and 26/1) will be held over Zoom. The practical sessions of the lab (31/1-4/2 and 7-11/2) will be at BMC. The presentations and opposition on the 16/2 are planned to be held over Zoom.


Link to schedule:https://cloud.timeedit.net/uu/web/schema/ri1X50g76560Y7QQ4YZ8909Y0Zy000Q621862Q068f.html

Program information for the Pharmacist program: https://uppsala.instructure.com/courses/31001


Contact information

Course leader: Mikael Engskog  (mikael.engskog@ilk.uu.se)
Course administration: Sandra Bratt och William Lozancic (kursadmin@ilk.uu.se)


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