Scalable Data Science and Distributed Machine Learning 00

Scalable Data Science and Distributed Machine Learning 00

Welcome to ScaDaMaLe-UU!

Welcome to the public page for ScaDaMaLe-UU, a PhD-level course in Scalable Data Science and Distributed Machine Learning  offered at The Department of Mathematics with support from The Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics at Uppsala University.

We will do a hybrid version, namely we will have the meetings in place and online as to give an option for those who cannot join in person.

Who can register?

Any student at Uppsala University or another Swedish University (generally PhD students with permission of the instructor and Masters students in exceptional cases).

Note: PhD students in the WASP-AI/HS programs should take the ScaDaMaLe-WASP instance of the course or get special permission from the instructor for Module 04 that is not part of the WASP instance.

How to register?

If you are interested in taking the course please fill out  this google sheet with your details at your earliest convenience, but no later than March 15 2022, as the course runs from Week 12 to Week 22 (21/3-5/6).  We will get back to you with registration details for UU's Ladok and studium learning management systems.


ScadaMaLe-UU is given in four modules, Module 01 to 04. Each module is worth 3-6hp each. Students can just take Module 01 or continue with more Modules. Please peruse the following public course resources to decide if this course is for you. 

Course Details of ScaDaMaLe-UU are available at the SDS-3.x site embedded below

An Overview of the course packs that constitute each ScaDaMaLe-UU Course Module

Hover over each course pack labelled `000_1` through `000_9` that belongs to a course Module to get a brief description of each module and click on the moduleand on `site` or `book` to see details of the course contents (some modules are under construction and will be ready by mid-March 2022 when the course begins).

Course summary:

Date Details Due