Course syllabus

Final Grades:

To pass the course you need G (50 or more points).  These points are based on the sum of the activities (whatever they are: seminars, cases, exams).

For obtaining the VG grade you need 80 or more points, BUT, condition "sine qua non", you have to score also 80% of the exam grade.

On Friday the 17th you will have the EXAM (8-1).

Please check carefully the address where the exam will take place. Bring your I.D. with you.

You have a total of 2 hours at your disposal for the whole exam (part I + part II)

PART I:  10 multiple-choice questions (2 points each). There is only 1 correct answer for each question. If you mark more than 1 (or no) answer, no point will be given. A maximum of 30 min. is at your disposal.

PART II: 3 open-end questions (15 points each). A maximum of 90 min. is at your disposal.

The full exam instructions will be provided at the exam.

Please, notice the following ...

YOU CAN USE ONLY: pen (black or blue pen – NO pencils) and dictionary

YOU CANNOT USE: cel. phone, computers, books, notes etc.

Study hard during this last week!



Dear students,

Welcome to the course Managing the Multinational Corporation Spring 23!

The course consists mainly of lectures, literature seminars, and case seminars.

Please consult asap the detailed COURSE GUIDE for all information about this course.

See you at the introduction on Monday the 20th of February!



Groups are not final yet. Some students dropped out and we need to adjust groups. Groups will be final only on Monday.


Also, always look at TimeEdit for the most updated schedule.



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For information about the course structure and teaching, see the schedule and syllabus below. The schedule is updated regularly and should be seen as preliminary for the time being. Examining elements may, however, only in exceptional cases be changed closer than five weeks before the start of the course.

Syllabus with literature


Course coordinator/Head teacher: Francesco Ciabuschi

Course administrator: Johan Linné

Student counseling:

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