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Public toilet africa.jpegPhoto: Marquee Media

Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah's debut feature film Public Toilet Africa made its world debut at the Locarno Film Festival in 2021 and is a social commentary and a revenge mission of Ama, the film's protagonist.


Welcome to the course in African Cultural Expressions and Artistic Creativity 7,5hp


The course “African Cultural Expressions and Artistic Creativity” is run as part of the third module of the full semester course in African Studies and as a freestanding course. During this course you will have a unique opportunity to get more knowledge of, and deeper insights into, African cultural expressions and artistic creativity. Traditions from different cultural and language areas, as well as social and political movements, are described and compared. A special focus concerns African cinema. Read course plan here.



The course engages with four areas of research within African Studies. The purpose is to give the students an opportunity to focus on and gain an understanding of four important research areas within the vast field of African Studies. One week is devoted to each theme.


Theme 1: Everyday Cultural Expressions, with Sten Hagberg and Emy Lindberg 

Theme 2: African Screen Media, with Oulia Makkonen 

Theme 3: Music, with Carolien Hulshof and Ryan Skinner

Theme 4: African Literature, with Nicklas Hållén , Niklas Edenmyr



  • A detailed course schedule, including reading instructions for every week can be found under Instructions. This is always the most updated schedule.
  • The administration at the department also creates a schedule when they book rooms for the course. The Schedule in Time Edit can be found under Schedule




The teachers are researchers with long first-hand experience of researching and working in African countries and/or with African issues. This course is being offered by researchers of the Forum for Africa Studies an inter-disciplinary center whose purpose is to support research on Africa at Uppsala University. We lead research projects, organize lectures and round-tables, and host the seminar series Friday Seminar in Africa Studies. You may follow Forum for Africa Studies' Facebook page to get updated information.


The teacher with overall course responsibility is: 


Dr. Emy Lindberg

Two other main teachers are:

image.png image.png

Prof. Sten Hagberg Dr. Oulia Makkonen


Following four guest lecturers will also teach at this course: 

Dr. Carolien Hulshof

Dr. Niklas Edenmyr

Dr. Nicklas Hållén

Ass. Prof. Ryan Skinner

If you have questions about the course administration contact:  Angelika Holm.



The teaching is composed of lecture-seminars, group discussions, reaction papers and movie screenings. All lecture-seminars will be conducted on-site at the Engelska Parken Campus, except one class that will take place on Zoom. Attendance is mandatory. 

If you miss a teaching session, please write and submit a "missed lecture-seminar assignment", see Assignments. You may miss no more than two lecture-seminars.

  • We expect you to be actively engaged and present at all our course events. This is key for the learning process and makes the course more lively and interactive. 
  • The lecture-seminars should complement and deepen perspectives, questions and themes that are presented in the literature. They do not summarize the course literature - you read the course literature yourself.
  • It is not allowed to record the lectures without the teacher’s explicit permission.
  • Presentations (power-point, etc.) can be used for learning purposes, but should not be spread beyond the classroom, be it virtual or physical. They will be uploaded here


The course is assessed through participation in seminars, completion of seminar assignments and a home exam, where you write essay answers to a number of questions by drawing on the literature, the lectures and the seminars.


Course Start

The course starts with an introductory lecture on Monday 25 March at 10:15-12.00, room 7-0042, Campus Engelska parken.. Prior to that, please take some time to explore this virtual class-room (Studium). Make sure that you have access to all the course literature.


Most welcome!

Emy LindbergSten Hagberg, Oulia Makkonen and guest lecturers